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Do you reside near the beautiful coastal city of Oceanside, California? Do you face the problem of mold infestation or water damage in your house? Do you wish a remedy to these problems? If you nodded your head in agreement to these questions, then you should be glad to know that have stumbled upon the right place. Here we will provide you effective tips and advices on dealing with water damage and mold infestation in your home.

Water damage and mold infestation can originate through various ways. Broken pipes, plumbing leaks, leaking roof, moisture behind walls, broken dishwasher hose, washing machine overflow, foundation cracks, , bad weather (snow, rain, floods) are some of the ways that your house can be damaged by water causing mold infestation. These types of damages can significantly disturb your normal routine. It may even force you and your family to evacuate your house and live elsewhere. Here at Superior Mold Removal we can help call us at 858-333-8872

But you do not have to go through this ordeal. By taking certain effective measures, you can minimize the damage caused to your house by water. Let’s take a look at some of the preventive measures you can take that can literary save your house.

1. Determine the Source of Water Seepage

The first step in dealing with water damage and mold infestation is to determine the source of the leak. If you cannot determine the source, you should contact a professional firm to help you in locating the source from where the water is permeating the house.

After discovering the source of the water, you should respond appropriately to stem the flow of water. If a water heater failure or a burst pipe caused the damage, you should immediately close the main water line of your home to prevent further damage.

2. Turn off Electricity and Gas from the Main Switch

In case of flooding, you should immediately cut off electricity and gas from the main source. Never stand in water to turn off the main electricity switch. Consult with an electrician to determine a safe way to turn off electricity from the house.

This step is not necessary for water damage and mold infestation due to small leaks. But if your house is flooded then it is essential that you follow this procedure.

3. Assess the Extent of Water damage and mold infestation

You should assess the damage before you begin with the cleanup effort. You should note down and take ample photos of water-damaged areas to show to your insurance company. In addition, you should determine the severity of the water damage and mold infestation. If the water damage and mold infestation is not severe, you can perform the restoration effort yourself. But in case of serious water damage and mold infestation to the house, you should consider hiring professional firms to perform the restoration work for you.

4. Extract Essential Items

You should try to rescue essential items that you can find from the flooded home. Items such as important documents, money, jewelry, heirlooms are some of the stuff that you should try to salvage from the flooded area. Again, you should make sure that the main power switch is turned off before trying to rescue your stuff from the house.

5. Remove Excess Water from the House

This is rather obvious advice in dealing with water damage and mold infestation to the house that some people tend to ignore. Standing water in the house can cause great damage to the house. It is essential that you immediately take steps to remove excess water from the house.

You should wear protective clothing such as gloves, mask, and rubber boots when removing excess water from the house. Also, keep children and pets away from the water as it may be contaminated. You have to place the pump on the lowest spot on the flooded floor. If the water is deep, consider using a nylon rope to lower the pump to get rid of excess water.

Water Damage and Mold Remediation Services in Oceanside, California

The above were just a sample of tasks that you should perform to restore your water-damaged house to prevent mold infestation. If you find these tasks rather difficult to perform yourself, then you should be glad to know that professional firms in Oceanside, California provide expert services in restoring water-damage homes and also removing mold infestation.

You can dial 24-hour emergency number on (858) 333-8872 to get in touch with our Oceanside mold removal and water-damage restoration experts to prevent further damage to your house

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