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The most common source of water damage is leaking pipes. Older houses are more prone to this, since homes that are at least a few decades old have galvanized steel pipes that have over the years slowly rusted and corroded. The problem with pipe leaks is that it can sometimes be difficult to locate the exact location of the actual leak. Sometimes walls have to be torn down in order for the leak to be located and fixed.

The thing about leaks is that most of the time the smallest of leaks can cause the biggest of problems. Tiny droplets seeping out slowly but constantly that are undetected for months or even years can be enough to keep the area moist and dirty. This is the perfect breeding ground for molds and can easily lead to rotten wood floors and walls. In this case a certified plumber should be called to do the job of locating leaks and fixing the plumbing. Most water removal service companies in San Diego can take care of water remediation as well as plumbing problems in your home.

Check Your Appliances

Another common cause of water problem is fixture and appliance malfunctions. It is all too common to have running toilets and broken faucets.  If these are not addressed immediately they can very quickly flood an entire room.  Although these are rare and exceptional cases, there are still accounts of in-house flooding due to a running toilet.

The most severe source or water damages come from Mother Nature.  Floods, storms, snow and other severe weather conditions can give any home a beating.  Nature’s fury can sometimes be too unforgiving that even the most well maintained homes do not have the power to keep water and other elements out.

How To Protect Yourself From Floods

Flood can bring about massive destruction to homes and other structures.  Nowadays our weather is more erratic and unpredictable, with changes in the environment and global warming happening all across the globe.  Flooding is one of the most felt ways that we are experiencing the effects of global warming.

Flood damage also the most expensive form of water damage.  Since flooding can cover entire floor areas, and there are numerous appliances and gadgets that could be affected, the costs can easily be in the thousands of dollars. For example, according to FloodSmart.gov, the official site of the National Flood Insurance Program, a 1000 square foot home with 3 inch flood water can rake in expenses of up to $11,000.  This includes flood damage clean up, electrical and plumbing damages, wood floor and carpet damages and damages to other furniture and other personal items.

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